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On our Testimonial Page you will find Reviews from current members of Braids by Bee At The Braiding Depot Inc™ that has come in and experience our service.  We cater to our clients and give you the upmost respect and work by appointments to respect your time and ours.  We love what we do at Braids by Bee™ and we thank all the members that took the time to write about there expereience and share it online.  

Quotes I see you put a lot of work in your site Keep writing! Quotes
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Quotes I would like to thank you Bee, for finally giving me long beutiful locks. I have attempted to grow dreads for years however it would not lock, cause I'm a white boy and my hair was too straight. Well, I found you on youtube, and saw your methods. I couldn't wait for you to help me with my hair. I had Dread extensions done, and I don't know why I didn't find you long time ago. I am so happy with my Dreadlocks now, Not only do they look better but they are long just like I want it. I am so confortable with them. Thanks for finally helping me with my hair. I will continue to come to you and refer you to anyone who ask me about my hair. Your da best Bee, continue to do you! Your an expert at this stuff! Really!! Eric Quotes
Starting Dreads was a Nightmare till I found Bee

Quotes I have had rope twist done before and was dissapointed, but was very skeptical about getting it done again until I found a customer Bee had done, I asked who did your hair and she said Bee from Cutmasters. I looked you up and was suprised to find out so much about your work. I am impressed and when I called for an appointment your professionalism amazed me, and then I recieved a text confirming the day of my appointment. I am glad I found you Bee, I will be wearing my hair natural, and at first was worried, but after I found someone reliable, always seriouse about her business I appreciate you. Thanks for working with my hair. You have been great and will continue to come to you as long as your in business. Thanks again for your patience in dealing with all my hair lol... :) Beatrice Quotes
Rope Twist

Quotes Can't front I found you Online and was skeptical about coming to you cause I am very sensitive to other people touching my hair. But my regular stylist was out of town and I had an emergency interview. I called you and you were not working that day but came to work just for me cause i explained and was looking for someone desperatly. I was so pleased with your service, Not only did i feel like all this time i was being cheated out of a good hair wash for a long time, but the shampoo you used was peppermint and tingling and it felt like i was in a spa! You then blowed dried it straighter than i ever seen it and braided my hair without me making one ugly face. I am impress and can't front my regular stylist made an error by going outta town. I am and will be back for more services. Thanks for understanding me and taking me at the last minute. You are deeply appreciated. Quotes
Braids at the last minute

Quotes Thanks Bee for holding down my locks. I couldn't find anyone i can depend on until i found you. Thanks so much for taking your business seriously. I will be coming to you for my locks for life! Thanks Tony Quotes
Dreadlock Maitenance

Quotes Thank you so much for starting my dreadlocks, no one was able to make my hair lock until you started doing my hair. I thank you so much, without your patiance and your maintance of my hair i would have gave up. Thanks for bearing with my hair, i was not sure if i should continue after so much failed attempts to start dreadlocks but thanks to you I now have My dreads and they are growing so healthy looking. I will always come to you no matter how far i am. Thanks again B, great job. Love my Locks. Jay Quotes

Quotes Thanks so much for my braids although i found you at the last minute, you end up being close by me, and I love the fact that you wash, blow dry my hair really straight and braided it so neat for my interview. Thanks again for everything. I will definatly be back. Quotes
Mike C.
Design Corn Braids

Quotes I would like to thank Bee, for Braiding my hair just how i wanted it, not only did she book an appointment and text me to confirm appt. She was prompt and worked till she was done. I never had Micro Braids done before that was so painless and so fast. She was neat, clean, and worth all my money. Thanks Bee Quotes
Micro Braids
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