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On our Testimonial Page you will find Reviews from current members of Braids by Bee At The Braiding Depot Inc™ that has come in and experience our service.  We cater to our clients and give you the upmost respect and work by appointments to respect your time and ours.  We love what we do at Braids by Bee™ and we thank all the members that took the time to write about there expereience and share it online.  

Quotes The best decision I ever made was first going natural, but when my hair started growing so much. I Always love to do Kinky twist which look like dreads. However I had to keep getting it done every 3 months, until I found Bee with these InstantLoc Dread extensions. I wanted them I did my research and found BraidsbyBee her process was very easy and I drove here from Alabama and was well worth the trip. I love my new look. Quotes
InstantLoc Sisterlocs are the best

Quotes I am not going to lie I was skeptical at first. But the more I followed up with Bee she answered all my questions. She took time to explain to me what needed to be done to secure my appointment. Flying in feeling blind, Bee had information all over net and I did my research and check her site and social media and all over it was her work displayed which says a lot cause many that say they do dread extensions don't have pictures. I wanted dreadlocks for years but because of my job they had to be very neat and small, I didn't want starter dreads. I wanted the look right away. Bee offered just that and professional is another plus. She takes deposit online, she sets appointments and I was notified with reminders and notes with what we spoke about. She text me back and I spoke with BEE! Most Salons you don't speak to owner you get the help. No Bee answered all my questions but best part of all I came and in one day I got what I wanted my whole life. Quotes
Flew From Cali for My InstantLoc Dread Extensions

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Quotes I want to send you an award for most helpful ineetnrt writer. Quotes
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Quotes Son of a gun, this is so helpluf! Quotes
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Quotes I thank for advance thosaund thanks for this system is very good and well used by all and for sure will do it better and better!I wish them every success in the world Quotes
I thank for advance

Quotes My dreads were thin in many areas and needed repairs. I would tie them in knots or put rubber bands on them not wanting to lose any of my dreads. Braids by Bee offers repairs and when I saw her method I was amazed. I've been looking for a solution for years for my dreads not only she repaired them they feel and look great she rejuvenated my dreadlocks and made me proud of my crown. Quotes
Best solution I ever heard of

Quotes I'm a professional musician, travel the world. I always come see Bee,I can't trust no one else.She hooks it up every single time, I highly recommend her! Quotes
Won't go to anyone ELSE but Bee @ BraidsbyBee

Quotes I want thank Bee . I don't know if u know how truly thankful I am for all that you've done. And Lord knows u had a job on your hands. LOL Quotes
So Worth the $$$$

Quotes Professional, Responsive, Superb results !! CFL (client for life) !!! Quotes
Client for Life
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